Aerospace drives record demand for DALFRATEX® heat insulating textiles

By Promat 13/03/2019

DALFRATEX® high temperature textiles
DALFRATEX® high temperature textiles

Demand for the established DALFRATEX® range of heat insulating textiles from Promat UK have grown by around 20% year-on-year, driven by the global aerospace manufacturing sector as it responds to a backlog of new aircraft orders and growing markets including renewable power generation.

Promat UK, which is a leading manufacturer of thermal, fire and acoustic insulation solutions, produces five different products within its DALFRATEX® range for providing dependable heat insulation in critical applications. End users are as diverse as aircraft engines, furnaces, domestic oven door seals and machinery used in engineering, with many customers manufacturing their products in the UK and all seeking total supply chain traceability and quality assurance.

Earlier this year, Promat UK invested in new machinery specifically to keep pace with increased orders for its DALFRATEX® heat insulating range of inorganic fibres and textiles. These are available as a lightweight and flexible cord, cloth, rope, sleeve or tape, and capable of delivering high thermal performance continuously at 1000°C – and up to 1600°C operating for limited periods. 
This new manufacturing and processing equipment for DALFRATEX® is a key part of the company’s ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 registered factory. This facility also produces engineered insulation solutions for OEMs, fire resistant glazing systems, and numerous other specialist high performance insulating materials.

Ian Cowley, Regional Director (UK and Scandinavia) at Promat UK says: “The importance of insulation products like DALFRATEX® cannot be overstated. These textiles allow machinery, engines and processes that generate high temperatures to operate safely and reliably in applications that touch nearly every part of our daily lives. Whilst the thriving aerospace manufacturing industry is driving increased volumes of DALFRATEX®, we are also seeing strong demand from sectors including scientific research, marine, glass manufacturing, steel manufacturing, OEM and renewable energy."

Part of international building product manufacturing group the Etex Group, Promat UK has been producing fire, thermal and acoustic protection solutions for more than 30 years. In addition to its range of products for the industrial and engineering sectors, the company manufactures market leading high performance insulation solutions which are used in numerous hi-tech, building and manufacturing sectors.