Promat UK proud to contribute to iconic Bluebird restoration

By Promat 09/04/2019

Bluebird Project - Promat fire and thermal insulation protects vessel
Bluebird Project - Promat fire and thermal insulation protects vessel

A combination of fire protection and thermal insulating solutions by Promat UK have assisted the team behind the restoration of Donald Campbell’s legendary Bluebird to achieve 21st century standards of safety in the rebuilt hydroplane.

Bluebird K7 reached record-breaking speeds before disaster struck on Coniston Water in January 1967. After raising the wreckage in 2001, Bluebird has been painstakingly restored by a team on Tyneside, led by Bill Smith. The restored Bluebird recently returned to the water of Loch Fad on the Isle of Bute, reaching speeds of over 150mph to the delight of Smith’s team. 

Linda Bearpark, Transportation Segment Manager Promat UK stated: “It’s been absolutely fantastic to have had the opportunity to work with the Bluebird Project team on this iconic vessel; which holds such a special place in British engineering history and has always been close to my heart. Whilst the relaunched Bluebird has been restored to its original form, Bill and his team were conscious of health and safety throughout the project. “Promat UK was happy to provide fire protection and thermal materials early in the project for a paint oven and later in the project – “under the hood”. We have taken great interest in the development of this restoration and the enthusiasm shown by Bill’s team has been inspirational. I’m looking forward to the next stage of the project, hoping to see it run once more on Coniston.”

Bill Smith, Bluebird Project Leader stated “The Bluebird Project’s dedication to originality borders on the fanatical with very few concessions, but thermal protection of such an irreplaceable machine is one of them and it has been our privilege to work with Promat UK for over a decade to keep the heat from straying where we didn’t want it. Thank you, Linda and the rest of the Promat UK team.

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