Promat UK manufacture a wide range of fire, thermal and acoustic solutions in a variety of Industry Segments including Energy, Oil and Gas, Marine, Glass, Transportation, Marine, Fire Rated Assemblies, Home Appliances, Multi-metal and Furnaces. Dedicated Segment Managers offer support and technical assistance through each stage of the project and the product can be processed in the ISO certified made-to-order Workshop to meet the end user requirement.



Includes solar, fuel cells, nuclear, waste-to-energy, tidal, battery biomass and wind energy.

Oil and Gas


Includes fire and thermal solutions for pipework, enclosures, vessels, structures, heaters, pipelines, pumps and valves.



Includes cruise ships, naval ships, yachts and offshore patrol vessels. 



Fire resistant glass and glazing systems.



 Includes aerospace, rail and automotive.

Fire Rated Assemblies


Fire doors, Fire and smoke dampers, Exhaust systems, Safety cabinets, Vaults, Distribution boxes, Rail bound conveyer systems.

Home appliances


Includes cooling, cooking and heating.



Includes ferrous and non-ferrous metals.



Includes ceramics, glass and special furnaces.

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