Optimised heat flows and maximum efficiency

Throughout Europe, conventional power stations fired by coal, oil, or gas, still produce around 50 % of our electricity needs. Nuclear power provides another 27 %. Our dependency on conventional power generation demands that we make these power plants as thermally efficient as possible so that the cost of our energy is as low as possible.
Promat can help to provide low cost energy
By minimising unnecessary wastage through heat losses, the use of Promat´s insulation solutions throughout a power station will give optimised heat flows and help to ensure maximum efficiency in the power generation. Power stations are complex installations. The complexity of the equipment and the large number of long and close run interconnecting pipe systems mean that a major design problem is acute lack of space.

Promat solutions – optimal performance within space constraints
A Promat solution utilises the best performing insulation products on the market, which in turn means that our insulation systems are the lightest and most compact currently available.

The challenges
  • Thermal management – energy loss control – design optimisation
  • Best possible control of heat loss
  • Most compact insulation systems to combat acute space challenges
  • Design for continuous high temperature operation without deterioration of any system components. Long working life essential for insulation without aging deterioration or other impairment of performance
  • Easy assembly of insulation components and easy demountability during routine maintenance. Availability of pre-tailored items for fast installations of complicated pipe runs
  • Non combustibility for fire safety near turbines and other equipment

  • Resistance to vibration damage
  • Fast ROI (Return of investment) for insulation – cost effective system design
Promat can help solve all these design challenges. By choosing from the broadest product portfolio on the market based on the "best in class" insulation products with the lowest thermal conductivity, we can design an "engineered solution" that best meets all design challenges.

With access to the very best calcium silicate, microporous, refractory and fibre insulation products, a Promat system cannot be beat on performance. .

Application solutions

Conventional power generation plants

Steam chest manifolds/valves

Turbine ends/bearing pedestals
Lack of space between bearing pedestals and High Pressure/Intermediate Pressure (HP/IP) cylinders prevents the use of conventional insulation materials. Fibrous and rigid insulations are too bulky to allow adequate thickness for protection. MICROTHERM® QUILTEDd Panel is thin enough and flexible enough to be used. Risk of overheating and of fire is greatly reduced. 

Steam pipework
Microporous moulded pipe sections and flexible panels allow the insulation of individual pipes for greatest thermal efficiency.

Boiler casings/walls

CO2 return bellows

Diverter plates/heat shields
MICROTHERM® flexible panels can be factory shaped and sewn into jackets. They can also be covered in flexible stainless steel to form tailored cassette systems. Each option allows easy demountability for maintenance inspections.

Emergency stop valves
This is another application where the shaping of MICROTHERM® flexible panels into jackets and cassettes allows easy demountability for maintenance access.

Fire doors/barriers

CO2 gas duct flanges

Boiler top headers

Inlet/outlet pipes
Microporous moulded pipe sections and flexible panels allow the insulation of individual pipes for greatest thermal efficiency. Promat has the most versatile product portfolio of any insulation manufacturer and for optimum thermal efficiency we can also provide additional insulation components such as DALFRATEX® rope, tape and cloth.

Turbine exhausts
MICROTHERM® SLATTED and MICROTHERM® QUILTED panels are ideal for insulation to turbine exhausts. They have excellent high temperature capability and are resistant to vibration damage.
Nuclear power plants

Microtherm® is not damaged by exposure to neutrons or gamma rays.

Pressure vessels of Pressurised Water Reactors (PWRs)

Cluster pipes in boiler headers of Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors (AGRs)
MICROTHERM® SLATTED panel is widely used in the UK by British Energy.

Steam generation equipment
Layers of MICROTHERM® SLATTED panel encapsulated in a stainless steel cassette are fitted to steam pipework all around the steam generation equipment in the reactor room of all of the 900 – 1400 MW nuclear power plants operated by Electricité de France (EdF).  

Selected products

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