Promat in special furnaces applications

The category, special furnaces, covers the multitude of furnaces, ovens, kilns, and drying ovens used throughout industry for applications other than the manufacture and processing of molten metals or glass.
Energy efficiency in furnaces, ovens, and kilns is a major factor in industrial design and process economics. Over 50% of all energy used in the industrial sector is consumed in thermal processes. Promat is committed to save energy in production processes and to reduce heat losses by means of the most practical and cost effective insulation system designs.

Energy is precious and we owe it to ourselves and to future generations to conserve energy wherever possible in order to protect our environment.

Promat´s benefits in furnace design
Furnaces and ovens utilise a hydrocarbon fuel or electricity to create high temperatures inside an insulated outer casing. The more efficient the insulation, the more effective the utilisation of the fuel source and the lower the costs of operating the process. Control of heat losses will also make fine temperature control much easier by ensuring minimal temperature variations within the heated volume. Promat has engineered insulation solutions for all types of furnace and thermal process. We offer high temperature insulations that have a consistent thermal conductivity over a wide temperature range and are robust and stable for a long working life without the need for maintenance or replacement.

By using the best insulations on the market you can minimise costs while maximising furnace capacity and working life. Why use anything but the very best?

The challenges for insulation used in furnaces and ovens for special applications
  • Thermal management – energy loss control – optimise process control
  • Best possible control of heat loss
  • Resistance to thermal shock
  • Non-combustibility
  • Process safety for personnel
  • Design for both continuous high temperature operation and also regular thermal cycling without deterioration.  Longest possible working life essential for insulation without excessive shrinkage or other impairment of performance
  • Easy installation of insulation components
  • Fast ROI (Return Of Investment) for insulation – cost effective system design.

A Promat insulation system can help meet all these design challenges. By choosing from the broadest product portfolio on the market we can design an "engineered solution" that best meets all design requirements. We select from the very best microporous, calcium silicate, refractory and fibre insulation products available. We can also reconfigure  products when necessary to meet specific design features for any thermal process. This ensures that our systems are optimised for best cost effectiveness.
A Promat system cannot be beat on performance.

Application solutions

Industrial dryers are used extensively in many production operations for efficiently processing large volumes of material that require a reduction in moisture level.

Promat´s systems are used in drying plants of all kinds for ceramics, wools, varnish, textiles, paper, leather, etc. The principle Promat product for these applications is PROMATHERM®-VE which consists of two PROMATECT®-H top boards which are bonded with PROMALAN®-CR, a temperature resistant mineral wool core. The large size structural panels can be used as prefabricated parts for wall and ceiling elements, partition walls or flue gas ducts in the dryers. Installation is fast and the system offers long term stability and performance.

We know that energy efficiency and cost control of drying are obviously important, particularly for processes where operating temperatures are involved well in excess of 100 oC. Our insulation solutions guarantee the thermal optimisation of any process.
Fire test furnaces
Fire resistance testing measures the duration for which a passive fire protection system can withstand a standard fire resistance test. Typical test samples could include building elements and doors in a variety of construction materials, and a range of firesafes and cabinets for the safe storage of paper, computer media, and other vulnerable items.

Fire resistance may be simply a measure of time, or it may entail other criteria such as evidence of accessibility of stored data after a fire or simply general fitness for purpose.

Fire test furnaces can range in size from small laboratory indicative furnaces to large models capable of mounting a 3 m x 3 m wall or deck panel for exposure to temperatures well over 1000 oC.

Promat´s products for these special furnaces include PROMATON® insulating bricks and calcium silicates (PROMASIL®-1000 and -1100).

PROMATON® insulating bricks can also be used in smoke stack exhaust systems.
Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) systems
A regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) is an industrial process to purify atmospheres from volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other pollutants by oxidation. The oxidation can be supported by catalysts. Energy provided by this process is recovered by heat exchangers or direct heating of other processes. The system uses a bed of ceramic material to absorb heat from the exhaust gas. It then uses this captured heat to preheat the incoming process gas stream and destroy air pollutants emitted from process exhaust streams at temperatures ranging from 815 °C to almost 1000 °C.

The challenges are in designing space saving solutions and minimising thermal losses by the process itself. Low operating costs and robust technology are essential for RTOs. Efficient insulation systems with a long working life are a major factor in achieving cost effectiveness.