Optimised design for energy efficient domestic heaters

The concept of a storage heater taking electricity overnight on an "off peak" tariff to heat a storage core, and then giving out that heat during the following day to heat a room, was first developed in the early 1960s. Early heaters were very bulky and not too efficient. In contrast, modern night storage heaters are slim, elegant, and controllable thanks to the efficiency of the thermal insulation available in a Promat solution.
An efficient night storage heater
To work effectively, the appliance must discharge heat in a controlled manner only when required. The heat is released by convection through adjustable vents in the top of the heater casing. This convective heat flow is sometimes boosted by fans that can be thermostatically controlled. Any heat loss by gaseous conduction or radiation from the faces of the heater is controlled by the efficiency of the thermal insulation around the heat core.

Promat – the industry choice for thermal insulation
Using the most thermally efficient insulation products on the market, Promat provides the most cost effective  solutions for thermal insulation of storage heating units.

MICROTHERM® has been the benchmark insulation for this application around the world for more than four decades. By integrating a microporous insulation with PROMASIL®-1100 calcium silicate and with PROMAGLAF®-HTK high temperature wool, optimised thermal efficiency is guaranteed.

Integrated solutions approach
Promat offers an "integrated solutions" approach incorporating each of these products to take advantage of their unique properties and ensure that as much of the surface as possible of the heat store is shielded by high efficiency insulation. In this way, heat output can be controlled and the appliance can ensure room comfort for a full 24 hours.

The challenges in insulating night storage heaters
  • Thermal management – energy loss control – performance optimisation
  • Minimise unwanted heat losses
  • Fast charge. Maximum efficiency for lowest energy consumption
  • Design for continuous daily operation. No deterioration over working life of appliance

  • Minimum insulation thickness for optimum performance
  • Cost effective insulation for most competitive appliance selling price
  • Clean product with easy installation on assembly. Absolutely clean in use
  • Non-combustible

Promat provides insulation solutions that solve all the design difficulties. By incorporating a  MICROTHERM® microporous rigid panels solution into the insulation system to the appliance we can design an "integrated engineered solution" that best meets all design challenges. MICROTHERM® panels, together with PROMASIL®-1100 board and PROMAGLAF®-HTK wool, offer fast, clean assembly and combine to give the best solution for achieving the highest energy efficiency.

Application solutions

Night storage heater insulation

MICROTHERM® rigid panel is the world’s leading insulation material in night storage heating and is the reason why so many modern designs are slim, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. By integrating these panels with PROMASIL® lightweight calcium silicate board and PROMAGLAF® high temperature wool, the insulation covering of the heat store can be complete.

The effectiveness of the 24 hour heating availability is achieved by the use of the high efficiency thermal insulation helping to control the rate at which heat is emitted by radiation and gaseous conduction. Heat is discharged by controlled convection. This technology, which has long been in use throughout Europe and the USA, is now being introduced for home heating in many of the developing countries.

The clean, high performance insulation products are ideally suited for assembly into modern heater designs. They ensure dust free assembly and operation and they have an effective working life that far exceeds the life of the night storage heater itself.

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