Setting new standards in safety and comfort

Promat’s integrated fire protection and insulation systems for passenger ships, super-yachts, naval and offshore support vessels exceed actual regulations at sea by a factor of four.  

Our solutions have very low impact on weight and space on board and offer exceptional technical properties and aesthetic value. They are suitable for new build ships, refurbishment and repair. Our applications include floors, walls, ceilings, decks, fire rated linings, hulls, bulkheads, fire doors, engine rooms, scrubbers, event recorders, furniture, galleys, cabins and waterjets.

Cruise ships

The Cruise Industry has been showing a positive trend in passengers during the last decade, bringing strong interests in the shipbuilding sector of cruise ships. The number of new built Ships has increased as well as the retrofit activity of existing ships, built in the nineties. Requirements in construction becoming more stringent in terms of safety and comfort for passengers.

The main specification for Cruise Ships are driven by IMO rules with special attention to SOLAS and MARPOL. Ship owners are driving specification mainly with aim of optimisation of Hotel, Leisure and Entertainment facilities on board, to become increasingly competitive to attract passengers. Therefore, noise requirement for increasing privacy in cabins is a characteristics that is affecting specification of both new buildings but mostly renovation of existing ships.

The value that Promat can provide to Cruise Ship customers is in the low weight & volume performance of their Products, from the Fire Protection solutions, that can achieve up to 30% of weight saving, to the Interiors and Furniture with non combustible core, where savings up to 70% can be expected.

Numerical simulation tools, both in alternative design of Fire Safety and Acoustic, can help the designer at the very early stage in order to optimise space and comfort. Improvement of the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) can also be a goal to achieve by the adoption of Promat Integrated solutions.

Offshore vessels

Many activities are carried out on sea such as drilling for oil and gas, dredging works, or construction of complete wind farms and many many more.

These kinds of hard work require a lot of human manpower, equipment and special material transports, so this type of vessels are mostly custom designed and build. The vessels must not only comply with regulations such as SOLAS, but often the end user have extra requirements for his vessel. This type of vessels must be very functional and also maintenance during the activities must be minimized. The materials used to build this type of vessels should not only fulfill the requirements of safety but also functionality aspects as impact resistance, optimum use of the available space, visually appealing and easy to keep it clean during the use.

People often stay for longer periods on these type of vessels and should relax after a hard working day to prepare for the next day. Indeed, it is of prime importance to provide welfare for people on the ship, keeping in mind comfort and acoustics aspects.

Promat offer solutions in terms of fire safety, acoustics, functionality and comfort.

In cooperation with the customer, Promat can develop special solutions and test this solutions in its own laboratories. After the test in its Fire and or Acoustic labo, Promat's engineers can decide in agreement with the customer to do an official test in an independent laboratory so the construction can be certified. Promat is willing to work with you to fulfil all your needs.


During the last decade a strong increase in the construction of Mega Yacht with growing dimensions has been seen. Depending on the number of passengers, the gross tonnage and the purpose of the yacht, the requirements and rules of construction are mainly based on Large Yacht Code (LYC) of MCA, Passenger Yacht Code (PYC) of Red Ensign Group or SOLAS.

Owners also tend to address special requirements for their yacht, not only to fulfil the above rules but to impose more stringent targets for comfort and ergonomics. All internal and living areas are designed to optimise spaces for the benefit of the owner and minimise or neglect noise and vibration during sailing and in harbour conditions.

With the purpose to meet the most stringent requirements in owner specification as well as fulfil LYC, PYC or SOLAS rules, Promat have developed dedicated solutions by an integrated approach in Fire Protection, Thermal and Acoustic insulation. Promat is also specialised in light and thin solutions for Interiors to meet the special requirement of mega yacht construction.

Promat also hold many certificates in Fire Protection and acoustic capable to prove during the early stage of design phase that the Yacht shall meet the requirements. Additionally, our Fire test laboratory and acoustic reverberate room can be exploited to study specific application to target any need in noise an safety requirement for the benefit of our customers.

Naval ships

Fire safety is an important issue of modern Naval Vessels. Due to the weight sensitivity related to the operational requirements of most Vessels, aluminium and composites are often the dominating structural materials in the ship superstructure. Passive fire protection is therefore very demanding on such Vessels.

Specification in Naval Vessels are mainly based on Navy rules, driven by the US Mil standard but often adopted by each naval fleet experience and know how. Acoustic & Vibration are dominating the selection of Insulation Plan requirements, due to the need of providing a comfortable environment for the crew members to discharge their roles on board.

Promat can offer an integrated approach due to a wide Solutions portfolio, that will consider both Fire and Acoustic insulation keeping low weight target and saving useful volumes in engine and machinery rooms and living spaces. The performance our products can achieve are capable to improve Fire Protection from Safety to Ship’s Survivability level, exceeding the threshold of commercial standard.

Additionally, our Fire test laboratory and acoustic reverberant room can be exploited to study specific application to target any need in noise and safety requirement for the benefit of our customers, at the very early stage of desig

Cruise ships


Naval vessels

Offshore vessels