How can you benefit from engineered solutions by Promat?

For any thermal design problem there will be an optimised engineered solution. This solution will fully meet the thermal and technical challenges and will do so in the most functional and cost effective way.

We understand thermal management and energy conservation

  • We manufacture high performance and versatile products in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited production facilities.
  • We have leading technical expertise and our experience that comes from 50 years of market leadership.

You always gain from an Engineered solution. Promat UK is able to offer a turnkey package by processing the product to meet the end user requirement. We offer the option of being a partner in the design and manufacture of the optimal insulation system to meet specific requirements and technical specifications by providing support throughout every stage of the project.

Problem analysis

Thermal design problems can be extremely complex. Only when the thermal weaknesses in an installation are fully understood can an effective insulation solution be designed. Our first level of technical support is to help you to understand the nature, and the extent, of your thermal problem.
This is the first stage of our system design.

Thermal analysis & calculations

Once the problem is understood our engineers can provide a wide range of thermal calculations from steady state right up to full 3D transient calculations. With the information from our thermal analysis we are able to design our insulation thickness for the application.
This is the second stage of our system design.

Product selection & design

Our product portfolio includes a wide variety of solutions including calcium silicate, microporous, and fibre materials. The versatility of the Promat product range ensures that our engineers are able to select the optimum product characteristics for every thermal insulation system. 
This is the third stage of our system design. 

Application or system design

Many thermal insulation systems will have unique requirements. These may involve not just the type of insulation product but also its form and whether it needs modification or protection in use. Factory shaping and partial pre-assembly may be required. For more complex projects, the optimum product will be offered as part of a carefully designed insulation system which includes all fixing methods and any encapsulation. 
This is the fourth stage of our system design. 

Performance testing & verification

We have the capability of “in house” insulation system performance testing for exposure to fire for a wide range of application scenarios including passive fire protection to marine bulkheads and floors, lift doors, and a wide range of protective enclosures and fire safes. We will also liaise with your own designers for any external testing at internationally recognised test laboratories. “In-house” testing during development means that we take out the guesswork and leave nothing to chance. Performance verification is an application where thermography can often be used. A sequence of IR photographs immediately shows any weakness in an insulation system. 
This is the final stage in our system design. 

Installation support & Co-ordination

Our engineers will ensure that your insulation system is fitted correctly for optimum benefit. We can train your fitters to handle, shape, and fit our products and when necessary we can provide on-site supervision.

The benefits of using the "best in the market"

Choosing a tailored solution from us brings a guarantee of a full and professional service that will enable the identification of your technical and commercial needs which will then be met in full by our expert team.

The use of Promat competences and services offers a number of clear benefits:

  • Technological innovation helping towards securing a leading position in your market segment.
  • Freedom in project concepts.
  • Efficient insulating technologies.
  • Maximum construction safety.
  • Technical assistance throughout each stage of the project.
  • Professional skills and confidentiality.
  • Maximum traceability.

We leave nothing to chance.