Workshop activities: Exceeding customers expectations

As part of Promat UK’s service commitment, the Heywood made-to-order Workshop specialises in the conversion of fire, thermal and acoustic products to achieve the full specifications and requirements of our customers. This unique service has allowed many of our clients to develop products, systems, and processes that may not have otherwise been realised. The workshops is ISO 9001/14001 certified, meeting or exceeding industry standards in quality and environmental performance.

Workshop services

The Workshop has a wealth of engineering experience, providing guidance and support from concept and design, through to prototyping, build and installation. If you are dealing with a challenging temperature or fire protection problem, the workshop can machine or manipulate our full range of products to meet any specification and provide the required solution.

Our workshop team can support customers in developing new and innovative designs, applications and solutions to the most challenging of high temperature and fireproofing problems.

Materials conversion

The Heywood Workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machines capable of processing complex shapes and designs, machinery to laminate and trim PROMASEAL®-PL intumescent seals along with a CO2 laser cutter that can process a variety of materials. The Workshop also includes a FREEFLOW® machine that produces microporous powder designed to fill complex shapes and cavities with demanding thermal specifications, and materials can be hand manipulated by our trained professionals.